Sewing Made Difficult – part 2


If you’ve had a look at previous posts, you’ll know that I share my sewing room with two cats.  One, Coco, is a large, very fluffy, dark brown cat, who tolerates my presence in her room.

I am expected to stop sewing on her entrance to the room, give her a therapeutic shoulder massage, fuss her fur, stroke her tail, and generally concentrate all my attention on her. She doesn’t appreciate having to share my attention with a sewing machine.

Sharing in any way doesn’t come naturally to cats, but Coco can be pretty outspoken on the subject.  Which is how I came to sew her tail to a bag.  Before you reach for the phone to call An Cat Dubh Sanctuary (our local AMAZING cat rescue charity), I did only sew through fur, not bone, and it only resulted in a loss of some of the beautiful plumy fur on Coco’s tail and some of her dignity as I had to hold her still while I cut her free from the bag.

I had made the mistake of making a big fuss of Coco as she sat next to me beside the sewing machine. Big mistake.

Coco attracting my attention away from the sewing machine

After I had paid her attention, what I thought was adequate clearly wasn’t enough, thus resulting in her getting grumpy.  So she swished her tail at precisely the moment that I sewed a seam, and there she was –   attached to the bag.

She swore, I swore, and the shears came out to free her.  I then had to unpick the seam to remove the fur, whilst she stalked off to soothe her dignity.

Cats HATE their dignity to be lost, and more than that, HATE to be laughed at. I did both, so for that day (or at least until I gave her some Dreamies), I was off her Favourite Human List.

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