Pink paisley

The Joy of New Fabric


This week I have had not one, but two, deliveries of fabric.  From a work perspective, there is nothing more exciting than the call from the delivery company to say that they have a parcel and am I around to take the delivery. (My bugbears about “not being on the delivery guys’ route” I shall save for a future post).

A few minutes or hours later, a big roll of plastic emerges from the van, I heft it on to my shoulder (you have to take your exercise where you can when you work from home in the middle of nowhere) and sprint inside to unwrap and revel in the new colours, textures and smells.  Yes, smells.  Each type of oilcloth has a different smell, so my fabric room is a cacophony of olfactory delights.  Some smells slightly like cling film, some like crisply ironed white cotton shirts, some like hot cooking oil.

Red funky print
Mad red print

As a rule, the fabric comes all rolled onto one long cardboard tube.

I have accumulated a few spare cardboard tubes, and if my son hasn’t removed one to use as a didgeridoo, I start the process of rolling each fabric from the main roll onto its own separate roll.  This week’s delivery from Europe contained a dazzling array of colours, and with the sun shining it was an enjoyable job to roll out the bright paisleys and funky patterns I had found.  Suddenly the room was full of colour, and I was itching to start making some bags with the fabrics.

Where to start? Which do I choose? The red had me the moment I unrolled it and was taken in by the fabulous patterns. And then the blue paisley was just begging to be made into a bag.

So I got sewing… and made goldilocks and Fely bags from the red and the blue…

Bright bags
Jolly Goldilocks Bags!

But I wanted to try out more fabrics, so I tried out the amazingly vibrant kingfisher blue coated cotton fabric.  It is hard to see in this photograph, but the fabric has a slight sheen – it is as close as I can get to the magical moment when you walk along a river bank and out of the corner of your eye you see the flash of blue that can only be a kingfisher.  It is electrifying, and you instantly want to see the bird again, but it has already flown upstream, and even if you walk that same path every day for month, you won’t be rewarded with another glimpse until you stop looking.

Bright blue X Bag
Bright kingfisher blue Cross the Body Bag

Much as I loved my colours, I also had some more subtle fabrics arrive this week too.  I have a beautiful and rare coated linen fabric, in a cloudy grey with a dandelion clock print, which lends itself to elegant bags that will go with anything you wear.

Yummy bags
Fely & Cross The Body Bags in Grey Dandelion

These had their first day out to Cruises Street Market in Limerick on Saturday, and proved to be just the ticket with the discerning people of the city for their Summer bag about town.

Once I finish up here at the computer, I’m back to cutting the pink paisley, the pretty dove grey with white stars, and maybe making up a few more Fely, Cross The Body and Goldilocks bags.  But if you want to get one of the bags, snap them up shortly – I only have a couple of metres of each fabric, and they are shaping up to be the absolute must have bag for the Summer.  Who wouldn’t want to be taking this cute Fely bag for a stroll before dinner in Seville, or Marbella, or Rhodes, or Majorca, or Vilamoura, or Kilkee, or Lahinch……?

Fely in Blue Paisley
Blue Paisley Fely Bag
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