Lucy is on guard duty……


Coco, our slightly overfed cat, whose presence in my sewing room is always followed by some sort of catastrophe, is in constant competition with Lucy our ginger slinky cat.  Lucy has that annoying trait that she can out-sleep and out-eat all the other members of our household and still has the physique of a racing snake.  During a brief break in both the weather and sewing, we decided to have a walk round of the garden to see what was growing. It appears that the raspberries are doing very well and this is in no doubt as a result of them being closely guarded by Lucy.

Raspberry guard
Guarding raspberries
However, if you look closely, you can see a slug marching in unchallenged by our fierce guard cat. Slugs are the enemy in my garden,  They can munch through an entire veg bed of young seedlings in less than a night, and seem to be as partial to purple sprouting and broad beans as I am.  So the battle of wits commences every Summer.  This year I have been assisted by my American Sister-in-Law who tells me that slugs don’t like  pine needles.  We have a pine forest behind the house, so no shortage of pine needles.  My purple sprouting seedlings, (grown from seed kindly provided by Lisa at the Cottage Garden Centre at The Hand, who took pity on me when I was too late to find any purple sprouting plants at her lovely garden centre) and my broad beans (seed from Irish Seed Savers) are now growing under a duvet of spiky pine needles, which I hope will be better at deterring a slug invasion than Lucy clearly is.


Hard at work behind the machine

Red fuchsia
Gorgeous red fuchsia
As it is the School holidays, my son is around, and this week he has been taking lots of photos.  All the pictures in today’s blog have been taken by him. He thought you, as followers of news from Bag Making HQ, might like a sneaky peak at the surroundings of the sewing room. The picture of me hard at work was sneakily taken though the window.  You’ll know from my bags, especially the bright ones, of my love of colour.  I can’t really see the point of having a dull black or brown bag when you can have a funky red one, or a blue one with stars on it. The garden around the house reflects this view.  We live on a hill overlooking the Atlantic.  Which is lovely, but a really harsh place for plants.  The wind and rain bring salt which burns leaves and flowers, and all the trees are growing at 45 degree angles.  Plants that grow are all either from Cottage Garden Centre, where the plants have shown they can withstand our climate, or from cuttings around the local roads.  Red and white fuchsias flourish.  And I have my pride and joy, my herb garden, which right now is a riot of colours.

Herb garden in full flower
Finally, it is probably time introduce you to the most tolerant member of the bag making family, Daisy.

Gorgeous Daisy
Daisy looking beautiful
Daisy is a rescue dog of uncertain heritage. Our vet thinks she might be the rather exciting sounding Terverun Belgian Shepherd, but whatever mix of genes she has, she is rather lovely.  She puts up with the cats’ shenanigans, Lucy sleeping on her, and Coco boxing her nose if she intrudes on Coco’s sleeping spots.

It’s a busy week for the bags and I as I head to Vandeleur Walled Gardens in Kilrush on Thursday for a craft fair, I’m back in GlenAran Irish Market in Duty Free at Shannon Airport on Friday from 7am – 12.30pm, and then back to Chapel Lane Market on Saturday from 10am – 5pm.  Come and say hello, and let me know if you have any foolproof slug repellants that don’t involve pellets!!

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