Cat & Mouse Fabric Zip Top Tote

Taking Stock


It is hard to believe, but the end of August is approaching.  It has been a busy few weeks, as you can probably tell by the absence of posts recently. I was at the Limerick Show this past weekend.  I haven’t been to a county show for years, and had forgotten the fun they can be.

Calf in the stable block
A prize-winning calf is led proudly through the retail area at Limerick Show

I attended the show with Ger Guilfoyle, the jewellery genius behind LuciLu Jewellery. The retail stalls were mainly in the stable block, which meant that we had shelter in case the weather turned on us.  We set up with a display outside and our tables inside.  We then took turns to lure people inside the Stable to our web of temptations!

Stable 82
Stable 82, where my stall and that of LuciLu Jewellery were set up
My stall and that of LuciLu Jewellery
My stall and that of LuciLu Jewellery at Limerick Show

After the excitement of the Limerick Show, I am back to preparing for my final session at Shannon Airport.  This Saturday I’ll be at the GlenAran shop which is just before you go through Security, so even if you’re not flying you can come along and see me!  I made a couple of special zip top totes in the bright fabrics, so I will be bringing them, amongst others, on Saturday.  After I finish in the Airport I shall be zooming (within the speed limit, obviously) up to Chapel Lane Market in Ennis, for my first time there since the beginning of August.  It’ll be nice to be back at Chapel Lane, which is always buzzing.

Funky Red and Blue Paisley Zip Top Totes
Funky Red and Blue Paisley Zip Top Totes

Finally, I have a request to make from you all.  Driving back from Miltown Malbay yesterday I saw a white thing out the corner of my eye.  Driving back slowly to check out what it was, it turned out to be a kitten.  Now, I know I’m a sucker for cats, but I couldn’t drive by and leave her at the side of the road.  So I jumped out of the car, scooped her up, pushed her into the sleeve of my coat to keep her warm and still, and drove on.  Realising she needed more help that I could immediately offer, I rang the redoubtable Rhona, who runs An Cat Dubh cat sanctuary, near The Hand crossroads.  She immediately prepared a crate for the newly named Sasha, complete with warm bedding, food, drink and a litter tray.  On arrival Sasha was gently removed from my sleeve to be greeted by cuddles from Rhona, and a promise to help her out.  She has congested lungs, will probably lose an eye and is carrying a lot of worms.  All treatable with care, time, skill and a huge amount of tenderness. And a vet.

Sasha, just after she was found on the road
Sasha, just after she was found on the road
Please help Sasha
Sasha needs help to recover from her tough start in life

I’m auctioning off one of my bags, specially made for the winner of the auction, to raise money for Sasha’s vet bills.  All the money raised through the auction will go to An Cat Dubh.

Cat & Mouse Fabric Zip Top Tote
Cat & Mouse Fabric Zip Top Tote

The lucky auction winner can choose to have a unique bag made: cross the body, Fely, Goldilocks or Zip Top Tote – whichever they would prefer.  Bids started last night on my Facebook page, and we have reached the dizzy heights of almost €50 so far.  But I am sure that such a unique bag will be worth more to the right generous person, so please visit the page, make a bid, and share the post to get as many people to see the auction as possible.  Bids close at 8pm on Monday 31st August. Thank you!!

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