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Zip Top Tote Bag


Zip Top Tote Bags

The ultimate shopping bag – this is a large zip top tote bag, fully lined with denim. It is a shoulder bag, with handmade, recycled denim straps that are long enough for this bag to hang to the hip on most people.

They are smart enough to work as a handbag, yet can hold enough for a capsule wardrobe for a weekend away (if you’re a very efficient packer and follow those Sunday magazine “How to..” guides on capsule wardrobes). These bags can easily accommodate a laptop, tablet, files or books. They are also an ideal size to use as a baby bag, and will still look good when you no longer have to carry the whole kit and caboodle with you.

The lining and straps for this bag are made from recycled denim jeans. This means that each bag is unique, because I can’t get more than one bag per pair of jeans. Inside there is a patch pocket in contrasting fabric and a clip to hold your keys or a Bag Buddy.

The straps have a decorative stitch down the length of the strap, which makes them look pretty, but also makes the bag comfortable on the shoulder and reinforces the fabric. Because the straps are made from recycled denim jeans, the straps are strong yet comfortable, spreading the weight.

Width                                       40cm
Height                                      34cm
Average strap length             80cm

All measurements are approximate as every bag is handmade. Each bag is unique because every time I cut the fabric it is different – take a look at all the pictures included on this page to get an idea of the variations that occur.  And of course each bag is lined with recycled denim jeans, meaning that each and every bag has a unique lining.


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