Back behind the Sewing Machine

And breathe…! It’s been a very busy few days since I last posted a blog.  Last time I wrote I was about to head off to Showcase Ireland 2017. It was  a huge experience for me and the bags.  We headed off to the RDS in Dublin’s

leafy Ballsbridge on Saturday 21st January to set up.  Walking into the hall was somewhat bewildering. On arrival I parked and headed towards where my stall was up on the balcony, but somehow contrived to return to my car by a different route, despite thinking that I had taken the same exit.  I found myself in a totally different car park, on a totally different side of the RDS.  Retracing my steps, I located the Tipperary Crystal stand which I had noticed on my first entrance to the hall, and left by the door nearest to that stall.  From that point on, Tipperary Crystal was my beacon to steer me in the right direction.

It took me four runs to bring in all the bits and pieces for my stall, and I spent the next four hours up and down ladders, screwing hooks to walls and setting up the bags.  I was hugely fortunate to be visited by a visual merchandiser who came to look at my products and to help me to maximise my display potential. The picture here shows my stall following her advice.  I have a tendency to organise the bags in very ordered straight lines, and I was encouraged to be a little more “playful” with the way I arranged the bags, with some at angles or lying on their sides.  It felt a little unnatural at first, but the more I looked at the stall, I could see it did make a difference to the display.

For the next four days I was at my stall, F77, on the Balcony.  It’s a very friendly place to be, with fellow stallholders keeping you company and willing to go find a cup of tea at the precise moment you feel you are flagging.  The visitors to the show come from across the world.  There were Japanese, Americans, Canadians, Australians, French, Spanish, Italians and British as well as lots and lots of Irish companies.  My stall was next to the International Buyers Lounge where the buyers go to get a coffee and a moment’s rest from the hurly burly of Showcase – it was like standing near the United Nations! This meant that I could employ some degree of cheek and have a chat with the international visitors when they were re-fuelled and raring to go, and I am delighted to say that I now have stockists of my bags in Italy, the UK and Spain.

I also met with buyers from George and Milly  in Castledermot in County Kildare, Above and Beyond the Warehouse in Derry and the Ballymaloe Shop  in Shanagary, County Cork, and I can report  that they too will be stocking my bags from later in February. More stockists will be coming on stream during March, so I will be updating my stockists page to keep you all updated. 

One of the best visits to my stall was made by fellow Chapel Lane Market stallholders, who came en masse to experience Showcase.  At one point I had four Sallyann Bags admiring my stall, as you can see from the photo – it was great fun. I felt a real glow of pride.  Hopefully one or two of the stallholders (at least) will consider coming to Showcase next year. It has certainly been a great experience for me.

So now I am back to my sewing room in West Clare, and enjoying being back to my routine of a brisk walk up and down the hill next to my home before starting work. This morning was particularly gorgeous, as the mist was lifting as I walked Poppy the dog along the road.  By the time I headed home there was bright blue sky and bright sunshine, which was a big bonus after the mist and rain of the previous day.

The cobwebs were covered in tiny droplets of rain and glittered in the sunshine.  The birdsong was fantastic – it felt very Spring-like.  Which seems appropriate given that tomorrow, 1st February, is the pagan festival of Imbolc, which celebrates the beginning of Spring.  Certainly the daffodils are flowering and the frogs and newts are out of hibernation, so it seems Spring has sprung around West Clare.

And the best thing about February (apart from my birthday)? St Valentine’s Day do I hear you shout? Close. Shrove Tuesday? Almost, but not quite.

It’s the return of Chapel Lane Market! Hoorah! We’re back on 11 February, bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to astound you with our array of gorgeousness. Lots of new ideas, goodies and perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and of course birthdays and sneaky treats for yourselves! Since we closed before Christmas we’ve all been recharging our crafting batteries, and everyone is fired up and looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones as we start back in the Community Centre in Chapel Lane in Ennis.

I will be debuting my new Mixed Messenger Bags, as well as Meadow bags, up to and including a Carolina bag in Meadow fabric! And the bags will be displayed with perhaps a little more flair than before, thanks to my lessons learnt from the visual merchandiser.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Spring – it is such a fabulous time of year, so full of the promise of good things to come in 2017.