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Many of you will have a pair of jeans that you are really attached to, but for whatever reason you cannot wear them anymore.  It may be they don’t fit, or you’ve grown out of them, or you have literally worn them out, but you still can’t bring yourself to throw them out.

Help is at hand!  If you would like to send me your old jeans to be made into an extra special bag totally unique to you, I can do this.  I will need you to specify the style of bag you’d like, and the outer fabric, and I will then include your jeans into the finished bag.  I may have to add in some extra bits of denim here and there if you choose a particularly large style, but the majority of the denim in the bag will be from your jeans.

To order a bespoke pair of jeans, you will first need to select the style of bag you want, and the outer fabric you require.  And you need to send me your clean old jeans clearly showing your name on them, so I can match them to your order.  An additional cost of €15 will apply to Bespoke Handmade Bag orders.

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