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Whilst every bag that I produce is a one off, because the combination of denim and outer fabric is never repeated, every now and then I produce Limited Edition Bags.

I never quite know what will turn up in the supplies of jeans I glean from charity shops, and every now and then a real gem turns up.  There might be a pair of cerise pink jeans, or a pair of mustard yellow jeans, but they are special. To give you an idea, here is a Limited Edition Amy bag I made which is lined with bright pink jeans and used Green Fuchsia outer fabric.

When these coloured jeans turn up, I can normally only get one bag out of the jeans, or at a squeeze, perhaps one and a half, that is maybe the body of an Amy Small Cross Body Zip Top and the front flap of a Fiona Small Messenger, for instance.

When I have the chance with one of these exotic pairs of jeans, I will make a Limited Edition Bag and list it here.  Keep your eyes peeled. Once they’re gone, they’re very definitely gone!

Prices will vary depending on the size and type of bag I manage to achieve from the jeans.

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