Marie Backpack – Red Burren


Sallyann’s Handmade Bags are beautifully made backpacks created from unique rainproof fabrics and recycled jeans

  • handmade in Ireland
  • customisation available
  • suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • timeless and practical designs to last

Each bag is unique because only one bag can be cut from each pair of jeans. I use as much of the jeans as I can in my manufacturing. The belt loops are used to attach the key clips inside the handbags, and the zips from the jeans are recycled into coin purses, using up the offcuts of the outer fabrics in the process.

The outer fabrics are my designs based on the beautiful wildflowers that grow locally around West Clare.

Some people like the additional security of a zip pocket on the inside of their handbag, and it is always a useful extra. If you would like to add in a zip pocket, that is easily done! Simply click to add in an Inside Zip Pocket when you order.


You asked for a backpack, and here, after two years of trials, prototypes and testing, is the Marie Backpack!  This is a great backpack, designed to carry comfortably everything you might throw in it .  It is lightweight, yet strong, sturdy and long lasting, like all my handbags.

It can happily accommodate a novel, tablet, small laptop, lunchbox, baby stuff, holiday bits and pieces and all your bits in the main body of the backpack. The main section has a patch pocket and a key clip inside too. For a small extra charge, you can add in a zip pocket into the inside of the backpack too.

The outside is made from my own rainproof fabric and printed with gorgeous Red Burren fabric.  The outside front has a recycled jeans pocket sewn on to it, which is very handy for car park tickets, sunglasses or just to look rather beautiful. If you would prefer to omit the front denim pocket, just let me know when you order. I can add in an extra patch pocket on the inside instead if you would like.

The back of the backpack has a clever zip pocket sewn into it, for security, so that you can keep valuables in this if you’re worried that someone might dip into the main body of your backpack, which is often a concern for backpack owners.

The straps are 2.5cm wide and made from dark navy webbing which will be comfortable to wear and wide enough to spread the weight of whatever it is you are carrying.  There is a small loop at the top of the bag to lift it up like a handbag when required.

The bag is lined with recycled jeans, meaning that every bag is unique, because it is impossible for me to cut more than one Marie Medium Backpack from a pair of jeans, and for that added touch of individuality, the recycled pocket on the front is always a one off.

Internal measurements of the base are 25cm x 9cm, and is 32cm in height internally.  External measurements are 26cm x 10cm, height 35cm.  All measurements are approximate, given that each bag is individually made and variations naturally occur.

Do remember that each of my bags is a unique piece of work, so it will not be exactly the same as the one shown in the photographs.

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