Tara Large Cross Body Bag - Red Burren


Tara Large Cross Body Bag – Red Burren



The Tara Bag is a cross body handbag is designed for people who want a little more room in their handbag.  The Tara Bag is fantastic when traveling and has been tried and tested on aeroplanes, at airport security, meetings, city sightseeing and the day to day ordinary shopping stuff.  It can easily hold your purse, phone, keys, lunch box and double up as a shopping bag when you’re out buying little bits and pieces. It would be ideal as a work bag, baby bag, or for those of you who are members of the sort of book clubs that require you to bring a bottle as well as a book, it can cope admirably with both. Even if you’re reading War & Peace.

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Dimensions 28 × 37 × 13 cm


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