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Neckband - Blue Burren

New Products!

  A Little More Time Six months into life with Covid 19, the lack of large events like Bloom has meant that time I would normally spend creating lots of stock has been available to me for developing ideas that had been bubbling away for a while. Some, like the ability to customise my handbags […]

Tara Large Zip Top Handbags in Orange and Blue Daisy and Grey Meadow fabrics

Emerging from Lockdown

At the start of Lockdown… … no-one knew how long it might last. Suddenly our world shrank to a 2km radius.  I’d been used to hopping in the car to go to Miltown Malbay or Ennis, and suddenly that was not allowed.  No more morning swims to meet my friends.  No more Chapel Lane Market […]

Marie Large Backpack in Blue Fuchsia

My Backpacks Have (Finally) Arrived!

How long? Really? It’s take you how long? More than 2 years.  For more than two years I have been saying to people who have asked if I make backpacks “Yes, I have the idea in my head, I just can’t get it from my head to the sewing machine”. Well hot diggedy dang, I […]

Spanish Point Beach

Looking Forward and Back – a true January Blog Post

Nothing Day? It is a long, long time since I wrote a blog post, and I’ve got slightly out the habit of writing them.  So, seeking inspiration I decided to Google today’s date (16 January), to see if this date is significant in any way.  Well, the answer was not helpful..”Each year on January 16, […]

Highlighting where a pocket was with embroidery

Why and How I use Recycled Jeans to Make my Handbags

I’m regularly asked why I use recycled jeans in my bags. It would be easier to use new fabric that is handy to cut, for instance. Why do I say that there are Irish Jeans In Every Bag, or use the corresponding hashtag #IrishJeansInEveryBag? But when I started out making bags, I looked into how […]

Tara Bag in Green Fuchsia enjoying the sunshine

A Celebration of Spring, Carnaval, International Women’s Day and Sunshine! And a Spring Promotion!

It’s the 1st March today, and I always think that March signifies the speeding up of the year. Once January and February are done, time seems to speed up and the days seem to fly by.  Mornings are lighter, evenings stretch past 6pm. It’s an optimistic time of year.   It’s also a busy time […]


Imbolc is here – and that’s a Good Thing!

According to Wikipedia, “Imbolc, or Imbolg, also called Brigid’s Day, is a Gaelic traditional festival marking the beginning of Spring. It is held on 1 February, or about halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. Historically, it was widely observed throughout Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man.” Here in West Clare it […]

Handmade in West Clare

Beat the January Blues with Mood Enhancing Handbags Designed and Made in West Clare!

Mood Enhancing Handbags! As the bright lights and festive atmosphere of December become a distant memory, and we all face into a grey and dreary January, it’s time to look at a small thing that can make a big difference to your mood and wardrobe.  And it doesn’t involve dieting or Dry January! Most women […]

Festive Sewing Machine


I Did Promise a Little Bit of News.. …and that bit of news is a new design I’m experimenting with. I have been asked SO many times when I am going to do a backpack, and finally I have a prototype up and made that I am willing to share with you. At the moment […]

Last Posting Dates Approaching!

Last Posting Dates are Fast Approaching!

And in fact one is today, Wednesday 12 December! If you are planning on treating yourself or a loved one to one of my bags for Christmas, the last posting dates are rapidly approaching. Today, 12 December, is the last date for parcels to go to Europe, excluding the United Kingdom. I’m saying nothing about […]

Christmas on the Square

It’s Christmas Craft Market Season!

For Crafters and Retailers, This is the Busiest Time of Year You probably didn’t me to tell you that! I’ve been cutting, sewing and packing like a crazy sewing woman over the past few weeks, and now is the point at which I spend much more time on the road travelling to markets to meet […]

Ballymaloe Craft Fair

Ballymaloe, Burren Fabric and Cat Beds (not necessarily in that order)

It’s a day for the fire As I type, yesterday’s glorious blue skies seem a distant memory with the rain currently sliding down the windows. I’m hugging the radiator in my little studio.  Walking into the lounge, I was confronted by the sight of all three of Bag Making HQ’s animals, Poppy the dog, Coco […]

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